Quantum Design (QD) was founded in 1982 and has steadily grown to become a leading manufacturer of instruments for materials research.

Quantum Design manufactures automated material characterization systems with temperatures from 0.05 to 1000 K and magnetic fields up to 16T. Our Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) offers awide range of measurement options which include: magnetometry, electrical / thermal transport, heat capacity, ultra-low temperature, spectroscopy and SPM options. The SQUID-based MPMS is the industry standard for ultra-sensitive magnetic measurements and its newest incarnation, the MPMS 3, combines the sensitivity of a SQUID with the speed of a VSM.

In the last 25 years, India has been a growing market for our products and almost all national laboratories, Defense/ DAE institutions, IIT’s, IISER’s and other key universities have become users of QD equipment. In 2008, Quantum Design India Pvt.Ltd. (QD IPL) was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of QD, with the intention of providing after sales support to our users. In October 2012, we further expanded our team and operations to provide direct sales for Quantum Design and our partner products.



Chethan Lobo, Ph.D

Country Head

  Based in Mumbai

Suprabha Rao

Office Manager

 +91 - 9930627277
  Based in Mumbai

Sanjay P

Sales Manager

 +91 - 9980113377
  Based in Bangalore

Manish Jha

Sales Manager

 +91 - 9004202880
  Based in Mumbai

Charles Paul

Technical Support Engineer

 +91 - 9920792042
  Based in Mumbai

Mr. Bishnudas Ghosh

Application & Technical Support Engineer

 + 91 – 7738060636
  Based in MumbaI

Navneet Pandey, Ph.D

Application & Technical Support Engineer

 +91 - 8826435599
  Based in Delhi

Yashwant Gowda, Ph.D

Application & Technical Support Engineer

 +91 - 9819937131
  Based in Mumbai